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Welcome to Merge Adventure

This is a fun merging game with a lot of unique items to create! Merge new items, complete various tasks and follow the plot! You're in for adventure and a lot of fun quests!

Organize your playing field, collect materials to repair buildings, and grow fruit and vegetables to make food. Upgrade your buildings to speed up production and upgrade your warehouse to get bonus slots. Collect rare items and open chests to get energy and coins!

  • Unlock more than 150 unique objects to merge, combine and interact with in 300+ quests.

  • Clear the location from poisonous thistle and find all of the citizens of BakerTown.

  • Process wood, stone and clay to get the materials needed to repair buildings.

  • Grow fruit and vegetables, and get milk, eggs and fish to make various types of food.

  • Upgrade buildings to speed up your production and upgrade the warehouse to get free slots.

  • Unveil all the mysteries of this friendly town.

For many years BakerTown lived in peace and tranquility. Many tourists from different parts of the world came here to experience the town's most important festival, at which all guests were treated to the most delicious pies in the world.

But once, just before another festival, when every citizen in town was getting ready for the guests, something went wrong... The earth shook, buildings started to crumble and the whole town was covered in a thick mist...

Nobody knows how much time passed since then. Buildings have turned to ruins and the surroundings have become overgrown with poisonous thickets. It's as though this town has been in this mist for a few decades.

You'll be greeted by one of the survivors — David, the sheriff, and part-time farmer also. Together with him you'll get to know what actually happened to this nice and friendly town.

Help David find all of the citizens of BakerTown and repair all of the buildings in the town. Unveil all the mysteries that are lurking in the mist and find a way to get the town back to its normal state.




and play!




P Hamps

Excellent game! I have even more fun playing now than at the time of my previous comment. A few glitches, still. Sometimes the icons are wrong but switch to what they're supposed to be when clicked on, except for the broken sawmill/single log one. Says it's a single log but shows a broken sawmill, yet I can't merge logs with it. One of your squares doesn't work but I don't know how to tell you which one via a rating comment. Regardless, this is an excellent game.

31 May 2021

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